How do you decide where to go, when you want to go everywhere?

I don’t have the answer yet.

All I can advise is that you explore all your options, play around with different routes, transports, dates, times and places. Find one that looks fun. Add a stop along the way. Check flights to other places from neighbouring cities and turn your transports into extra little holidays themselves!

If you don’t have to be anywhere by a certain time or for a certain event – then be everywhere, go everywhere! There are so many different ways to travel and so many different things to do. The way I tend to do it, is to figure out something that I want. Just one thing to begin with, and then find out where I can do that thing.  

Here is my rough guide of choosing where to go:

1. What do you want to do?

Write a list of the things that you already know you want to do. Do you want to be swimming in the sea, tramping in the mountains, drinking beer, visiting castles, etc. etc.. You already know yourself and have an idea of what you like doing, so use that and decide on a couple of things that you really want to do.
For example: I wanted to get a TEFL certification.  

2. Where can you do it?

Do some research into where you can actually do what you want to do. There is no point booking a trip to Warsaw in Poland in if you are wanting to swim in the ocean. That’d be dumb. What you will find though, is that you can do the thing you want in many places. Compile a list of these places
For example: there are TEFL courses all over the world or I could’ve simply done it online (but where is the fun in that?)  

3. Which place appeals more?

Now, where looks more fun? Go there! It can be super helpful to write a pros/cons list and figure out the cost of your activity, where has the culture you are more interested in? What other places are nearby that you also want to visit? Can you speak the language? (Does that actually matter?)  

4. How can you get there?
Now for the fun part – figuring out how to get there! You can obviously merge this step with the last step as the easier and cheaper option will undeniably influence your decision. However, I tend to use a combination of Skyscanner, Momondo & Rome2Rio to compare prices, discover alternative ways to get there and then check out the websites of the actual transport providers.

If you are flexible with your dates and time, then you can make it cheaper for yourself by taking the ‘undesirable’ times flights or by flying/bussing/training/driving into nearby cities for a lil side trip on the way! Imagining all the ways you can get there and discovering places you might not have considered going before but now spending a day there in layover is always going to be really interesting!
For example: I was meeting friends in Marsala, Sicily but flew into Palermo airport a few days earlier than them; giving me time to explore a new city I wouldn’t’ve otherwise considered!  

5. Book it. Actually.
Bite the bullet.
Take the plunge.
Push the button.
Go. On. An. Adventure!
And then don’t question it. Be solid in your decision and get excited! You’re going on an adventure!