I am a relatively simple kiwi girl who just craves adventure and stability at the same time: I know I know.. It’s a balance I am trying to figure out… But! Moving to Prague for a TEFL course gave me a stable starting point for moving to the actual, literal other side of the world.

So when I first got off my Flixbus from Switzerland (an overnighter so I was no fresh cup of tea) I waddled with my backpack & frontpack, in the sweltering humidity, straight to the hotel. After relishing in the air conditioned lobby, I handed over my cash money and that was it! I now lived in Prague!

With the course not starting until Monday morning (I arrived midday Saturday), I promptly (post-shower of course) caught the underground to Prague’s old town and got adventuring! Prague is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it does not disappoint! I found myself weaving through the cobblestone streets, looking at some incredible door frames set in multicoloured buildings with adorable little balconies dotted all along – trying my hardest to commit it all to memory (and then taking photos because I know my memory… )  

Usually I try to avoid the hordes of tourists (despite being one myself obviously) but let’s be honest – they congregate in some of the coolest and prettiest areas of the city. And I wanted to see those places too. The Old Town Square is a vibrant hive of activity bordered by stunning architecture. There’s the little green corner with a couple of market stalls, the famous Astronomical clock, history permanently recorded in the pavement, street performers performing, families and groups from all over the world and an incredibly beautiful statue at the centre of it all! The energy in the square felt excited and positive and it was what I’d made the move for. 

After I bought some traditional fried bread with garlic and tourist-watched (a favourite past-time of mine), I was ready to get moving again- and I had a destination in mind. The sun was just starting to near the horizon as I headed towards and crossed over the Vltava River, aiming for my favourite spot in Prague (I’d visited Prague once before), The Metronome. 

Following a short, steep climb you are rewarded with the most beautiful outlook over all of Prague. The stunningly iconic red roofs (Fun Fact: it is a law in Prague to have a red/burnt-orange coloured roof in order to preserve this view!), the meandering river broken by curved bridges and then at sunset makes this spot just incredible. Here there is room to breathe, and again such a positive but more relaxed and calming energy that welcomes you warmly. 

After I’d secured a seat out on the ledge amongst locals & tourists alike, I took a deep breath and marvelled at the majesty of my new city, my new home. I couldn’t wait to explore more of such a beautiful and culturally rich city full of life. 

But more than that; in that moment on the ledge I knew that this beginning to my life in Prague had the potential to take me much, much further. 

And I was there for it.